Don’t Take My Keyboard!

A 14-YEAR-OLD boy in southern Russia has been charged with killing his father with a sledgehammer after his parents tried to stop him from playing computer games.

The unnamed boy in the coastal town of Tuapse, located by the Black Sea in Russia’s southern Krasnodar region, bludgeoned his father to death while he lay sleeping, regional investigators said.

“At around 1am (local time) on April 12, the suspect dealt his sleeping father at least two blows on the head with a sledgehammer,” the region’s investigative committee said.
sledgehammer Dont Take My Keyboard!
“The man died on the spot from a head injury.

A spokeswoman said the parents had taken away the keyboard as a disciplinary measure after he spent a week playing computer games.

After the killing, the boy’s frightened mother gave him the keyboard back and the boy played computer games for several more hours until he fell asleep, the spokeswoman said.

At that point, the mother, who was not injured, contacted relatives who in turn called police.

The boy, who has no criminal record, is now being held in pre-trial detention.

At 14, he is old enough to be charged with murder under Russian law.

Contacted relatives who called the police? Weird.

 Dont Take My Keyboard!
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5 thoughts on “Don’t Take My Keyboard!

  1. I don’t know who reacted more inappropriately. The child for over reacting to something so trivial as a no video games for a while, or the mother who failed to call the police immediately after.

    1. The child probably has serious mental health problems and a gaming addiction. This is kind of like that couple who starved their baby to death because they wanted to play video games. Yes his behavior was innapropriate, but there’s more to it than that.

      The poor woman was probably in shock. I don’t blame her for not calling the police immidiatly. If I was trapped in a house with a violent killer I’d be terrified to call the police in case he decided to attack me next. She did the right and safe thing by laying low and appeasing him until it was safe to call for help.

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