8 thoughts on “Unschooled -v- Homeschooled

  1. This is insane. In addition to the lack of any knowledge coming in, they are also ignoring discipline, a critical virtue that doesn’t just come from the aether! Children need discipline.

  2. These children are developmentally retarded and socially inept. The parents are deluded. I see these people walk into alternative ed programs and the kids are, like Cenk said, ignorant. The deluded parents vehemently defend their choice while their kid wipes boogers on the walls and floor. In most cases, the parents are extremists. Extreme on politics, social norms (no chemicals including deodorant and toothpaste), extreme in their religious beliefs, etc. Hell, I don’t like the school system and I work in it. Yet going to that extreme is asinine.

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