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  1. lots of stars telling me that I should care about something that I don’t care about.

    perhaps they should tell me why I should care about this thing that I don’t care about. why should I care that some fish are getting killed in japanland?

    1. It really does bother me though. As much as I despise PETA, I also despise those that say animals are worth nothing, are not important, therefore no need to take them into consideration. Have you watched The Cove? If not, check it out on Netflix. Dolphins may not be our pets, but they clearly like us and are willing to interact w/ us, voluntarily. We should return in kind.
      You don’t find it disturbing, how we treat chimps (great apes), dolphins, whales. etc…? I know you love your pets, how is this different? I’d make bets that you would call the Humane Society if you someone seriously maltreating a dog or cat.

    2. A) High levels of mercury in Dolphin, Whale Meat.

      B) Very intelligent creatures that have in fact saved human beings. We can learn a lot from Cetacea and from nature in general. Hell, probably more intelligent then we are. With all our science we still don’t know much about our oceans or the creatures that inhabit them.

      C) They are high up on the food chain. With them decimated our oceans will decay. Whales eat algae and algae create red tide. Which is harmful to humans and ocean creatures. Dolphins eat fish and keep their populations in check.

      D) Whaling is barbaric and not needed. We need to have respect for nature. Like nyokki is saying. Animals in nature should not be mass slaughtered and caged. They should be free to live in their environment without us interrupting them. Watch Food Inc and The Cove.

      E) Celebrities are people too. I too couldn’t give a fuck about their lives, but this PSA has a good message.

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