7 thoughts on “Say What?

  1. Gee, children with homosexual parents are more depressed than normal children. I wonder why that is. Could it possibly be that the children are ridiculed and condemned by their peers and people like you?

    1. Its not really. At least not around here it isn’t, but Portland tends to have its own rules. Gay parents tend to be the ‘go to’ cool parents that teens really like, or at least have a lot of questions for.

  2. Wow, a “news agency” affiliated with a religious organization that has strong anti-homosexual rhetoric, comes out with a news report that “some studies show” that being public acceptance of homosexuality has a destructive affect on children?

    I am absolutely shocked at this revelation! Just think of the children!

    We have to IMMEDIATELY revert back to condemning homosexuality so that kids who aren’t gay can grow up to be completely well-adjusted, and the gay people can go back to being damned to hell for having anal sex, because that’s icky.


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