Iceland Volcano With the Northern Lights

The first 1:10 shows the current eruption of the volcano in Iceland with the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) above. The last few minutes are a compilation of Aurora photos from Norway that were taken by Joar Andre Heiberg (, these are some of the best pics of the Aurora I have seen, he is very good, check out his site if interested.
The music is “The Great Northern Lights” by Ni More..ta Galloway, sung by Jody Adams.

I was hoping that someone would catch the lightning during the current volcanic eruption in Iceland, but have not found any pics/vids yet. If interested, I have a great vid from last spring of the eruption of the Redoubt Volcano here in Alaska with some great night shot pics showing the lightening during the eruption.

check it out –

 Iceland Volcano With the Northern Lights

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