6 thoughts on “South Park and Islam

  1. It’s ridiculous. Islam doesn’t get to tell me what I can do with whom. I’m not Muslim, what I do is none of their business. I don’t see them being non-offensive to Jews, Christians, any other religion or those of us w/ no religion at all.

    1. That’s not the Muslim outlook though. One of the main tenets of Islam is to spread the religion at all costs, and that all other religions are false.

      1. That is a tenet of other religions as well, including Christianity, thought not worded quite so specifically.

        The fact is, SPS had their freedom of speech put down like a lame dog because of Mulsim intimidation. If half the country had spoken out against their use of Jesus, even him exclaiming, “Jesus Christ,” CC would not have done a god damn thing about it. How did we get so fucked that we let some stupid assholes who follow some ass backward religion can just push us around? I thought we were supposed to have protection from terrorism.

        1. SPS?
          Also, totally agree. Why should I, or any non-Muslim, give a shit about a ban of icons of Mohammad (in a non-Muslim country)? In theory, Christians shouldn’t have icons of Christ, but clearly, the Catholics have no problem w/ using icons, whereas most Protestant sects don’t have any…or even crucifixes.

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