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New Sensations the studio that brought you the AVN Award winning “30 Rock A XXX Parody ” presents a parody of one of the funniest & most popular shows on TV – The Big Bang Theory: A XXX Parody. When four geniuses Sheldon Leonard Raj & Howard realize that the only boobs they ever see are in their Slavegirl Space Princess wet dreams they do the math and come up with an equation for attracting horny young women With a huge comic-book convention coming up they only have a short amount of time to try out the formula on their beautiful blonde neighbor Penny their hot co-workers and slutty cosplay girls. Will they have enough time to find some good Mario costumes for the show

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big bang adult film Of Course: Big Bang Theory Parody P0rn0   Geekologie

It apparently has a laugh track.  Yeah, a porno with a laugh track. ‘Oops, wrong whole’ hahahahahahhaha….ugh.

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