Wireless Solar and Wind Power Webcam

solarandwindpowerwebcam small Wireless Solar and Wind Power Webcam

By using a combination of solar and wind you really get the best from the natural resources to charge and run the camera system. As either mode (solar or wind power) can fully charge the batteries under normal conditions, by using both methods you are virtually guaranteed continued reliable operation under all weather conditions. Depending on battery capacity selected, you would need a very prolonged period (days) of total darkness with no wind before the solar and wind powered camera would cease to operate.

I’ve been looking into some cameras for around my house and these recently popped up.  They seem a wee bit conspicuous though.  I wonder if you can undock the camera from the power supply and run a wire so they’re not so close together?

via The Red Ferret Journal.

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  1. I’d like to know who keeps shooting the speed limit sign across the street. It’s getting really annoying. Every time they shoot it, puppy starts barking and won’t stop…at 4am.

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