6 thoughts on “Behemoth = Dinosaur

    1. Hate propaganda begins in the teenage years. Also depends on the community these kids grow up in.

      That one Pastor dude said we live in a perfect world created by God? What world is he talking about?

      Religion is not SCIENCE!!!!!!!! Stop acting like it is crazy religious fucks!!!!! Stop making stupid people even more stupid. K. Thanks. Bye.

    2. Bullshitting kids is a pretty low blow. He’s purposefully getting at these kids before they can functionally think on their own. That pisses me off. Now I understand hat we all indoctrinate our kids to our beliefs, but most of us aren’t trying to fuck up their ability to reason later in life. He’s undermining any ability to reason through. Lying is one thing, bullshitting is much more dangerous.

  1. I like how the woman talks about how she feels Christians are on the defensive the whole time, making them out to be victims of some terrible persecution, and then the first guy goes on to call him propaganda materials “Christian patriot missiles”, for use in the “spiritual war”.

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