2 thoughts on “Obama Administration Slow on the Uptake?

  1. Slow to the table? Like sitting in a elementary school room why your country has been attacked by terrorists that flew planes into buildings or like when terrorists fly planes into your buildings and you end up attacking a foreign nation that is not directly connected to the attacks along with false information in an attempt to get the country behind the attack? Like that? Do I smell shit or is Mr. Steele speaking.

  2. “I think theres a lot of rush to judgement in concluding that he “acted alone” so we can sweep that aside AND NOT HAVE IT REACH OUT, AS TENTACLES OFTEN DO, and touch a whole lot of other actors around the globe particularly of those who are part of the global jihad at this time against the US, and have them recognize their proper role in training and arming this individual to do what he wanted to do.” [emphasis added]

    What? Tentacles WHAT?

    Look, Michael, I never thought anyone could be saying this, but *Sarah Palin* makes more sense than you. Yeah. Let that sink in for a moment.

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