16 thoughts on “A Young Lady Getting a Tattoo

  1. oh dear lord… I’m starting to save up so i can get my first tattoo… or at least I was… this looks just terrifying…
    i can’t imagine tiki with pierced nipples… i’ve seen pishures of you on mcs and i just can’t imagine the guy in the pics being the peircing type.

  2. I still want a tattoo. I tend to think I have a pretty high pain threshold due to my illness(imagine razorblades tearing up your kidney) and brutal martial arts training.

    That woman obviously hasn’t had children yet. Hopefully she tipped that tattoo artist really well.

    1. Kidney stones? My pops had those bastards twice, only time I have seen him have tears in his eyes, it was fucking brutal to watch and I can only imagine the hell it is to go through …

  3. I thought giving birth was bad, then I had gallstones, where my gall bladder actually broke open (5 weeks in hospital). I thought that was bad til I went e-dermic. I thought that was bad til I got hit w/ diverticulitis (this past weekend). I honestly wanted to die. I kept thinking; I can’t take anymore, this can’t possibly go on, but it did…on and on. I managed to dial 911 before finally, thankfully, losing consciousness.

    1. good god. I saw that you were back from the hospital, I’m happy to hear that you’re doing better!

      the worse pain that I’ve had is my gallbladder (hospital for 2 weeks, ugh) and then a pilonidal cyst ( en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilonidal_cyst warning: nasty images) that ruptured after a body slam during wrestling practice in high school. that was epically painful. ugh. had it removed via surgery like 4 years later, that was not fun either.

      what exactly is e-dermic? the only stuff I’m finding via google/wikipedia is a full skin infection type thing. if that’s what it was….fuck.

          1. It’s crazy. I had pneumonia 5 years ago and hadn’t been even a little sick since (not even a cold). Then, starting around Thanksgiving, I’ve been hit w/ one infection after another. I think this last one is my 3rd hospital stay since November.

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