14 thoughts on “Obama looking for ‘whose ass to kick’

  1. Ooohh, yeah. He’s a real take-charge mother fucker. He was waaaaaaaaay out in front of this? When? It took this fool ten days to even mention it. Sure hope there’s gonna be a change soon. What a rank amatuer.

      1. Almost anyone. Fuck, even W would have handled this better. All this guy is doing is sitting around with his thumb in his ass, playing the same blame-game that all our useless politicians think is so helpful. There will be plenty of time for blame, now is the time for getting this taken care of and under control. Why don’t you tell us exactly what he IS doing that’s helping to resolve this horrible situation?

        1. well, it’s apparent that you don’t know shit about shit if you don’t have the first fucking clue what the white house is doing. Obama himself isn’t out there shoveling the shit, but I’m sure even that wouldn’t make your apparently retarded ass happy.

          here’s an interview with Steven Chu about how the ideas from the WH were used to diagnose the blowout valve that failed: www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2010/05/exclusive-how-steven-chu-used-gamma-rays-to-save-the-planet/56685/

          also, every time you hear that BP is going to pay money to workers, or to cities or states to help them clean up or to run adverts, that shit isn’t coming from the bottom of their sappy hearts, they’ve been told that’s whats going to happen.

          you’re kinda cute thinking that W would have handled this better. If he had anything to do with this, we’d still be wondering where all this oil was coming from, and wouldn’t have it fixed until next year, after the entire eastern seaboard is covered in goop.

          1. Ooh. Fuckin ouch. Wow, you’re right. This administration is handling this puuurrrrrrrrfectly. Thank god Steven Chu and you are here to set my happy ass straight.

          2. You’re an idiot. What would you have him do? Kick BP out? They’re the only ones (w/ other oil companies) that know what to do. The military can’t do it; FEMA can’t do it. All the WH can do is keep the pressure on BP and Congress. He has no real authority here, other than keeping up the pressure. It’s up to Congress to do a proper investigation. He’s authorized everything the affected States have asked for.

          3. The sad sad sad truth is Corporations have too much power and are in the governments pockets no matter who is in charge. Also offshore oil drilling shouldn’t be happening anyway, it’s unnatural and this won’t be the last oil spill. Another Tanker will run ashore and another oil rig will blow spilling the earths blood everywhere.

          4. Well, then. Are you going to get rid of your car and start walking? Barefooted? Because the rubber on the soles of your shoes is a petroleum byproduct. Everyone likes to spout these platitudes, but very few will put their money where their mouth is.

          5. And you sound like the product of the corporations: Elitist and with an attitude. I do my part. Pick up trash, recycle, clean up my beach and ignore the urge to consume like a mindless zombie. Which sadly much of the country does. What’s with the attitude seriously? Does change scare you? Does living in tune with the environment feel too challenging? Well fuck your attitude pal. It’s people like you that hold back the future. You are too damn stuck on using what has been used since the industrial age. The truth is oil and coal are no good. Their are other options. Unfortunately the oil companies own the government and buy new technology that would erase the use of oil. A better resource is out there that doesn’t hurt the environment is out there. It’s only taking so long to change because 1) Humanity is slow 2) Oil companies are greedy 3) We aren’t spending enough money on finding the new technology.

          6. You don’t know fuck-all about me. You have absolutely no idea what I do or don’t do. You want to know what I do for a living? I build fucking wind turbines. I’ve got more knowledge of alternative energy in my little finger than most people have in their useless bodies. So don’t tell me about change, pal. I make change. But I (and most people that I work alongside) know that wind (or solar, or geothermal) is not the answer, at least not yet. Why don’t you tell us about these other viable options that the oil companies have bought to save their asses? That’s conjecture at best, and not very accurate. If you had any idea how much money is spent on finding new technology, it would make your head spin. And the lion’s share of that money is spent BY the greedy evil oil companies, or their subsidiaries.

          7. Either way, your attitude sucks. I’d thank you and think you have a cool job, but unfortunately you have a sad case of being an asshole. Everyone is useless? No, everyone has potential.

          8. I have no problem with drilling for oil, provided it’s done right. What I have a problem with is cowboy companies like BP literally getting in over their heads and advancing their methods without advancing their countermeasures. This clusterfuck is brought to you courtesy of people who haven’t changed their safety measures since the 80s, instead spending money and effort on drilling places where, as it turns out, their outdated, but still generally effective, safety measures won’t even work.

            All we ever hear from these companies is “Safety is our number one concern, our methods are cutting edge” but when it comes time to put their money where there mouth is we get fuck all.

          9. What’s the point of getting out of my car and walking? What does that have to do w/ BP’s handling of this spill cum disaster? We should give up oil use because they screwed up? I don’t think so. If I had to walk, I’d spend the whole day just to walk to the closest grocery store.

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