9 thoughts on “Is Jon Stewart the Only Real Journalist Left?

      1. I’m sure they don’t qualify. They’re not journalists, but the fact that they do news better than the real journalists does not bode well for the US right now. It’s not the right wing nutjobs taking them seriously, it’s left wing liberals between the ages of 18-44 years.

  1. Yeah I love America and everything, but as far as American mainstream news goes I watch only your comedians. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to listen to the opposition and I usually try hard to give both sides a fair chance, however I can’t take any of the big news people seriously. It gets to a point where I’m worried that if I listen to them for too long their decisive spiel will have a non reversible effect on me. The human psyche can take only so much.

    1. I get my news from the BBC. They do real journalism and aren’t afraid to ask tough questions. Plus they have really good interviews and cover what is going on worldwide extensively. Mostly listen to BBCS World Service on the radio.

      1. Sounds good. I will say that BBC has been accused of being biased many times also, though it’s definitely realer. You don’t get the impression that instead of listening to the news you’re listening to the deepest desires of an angry child.

        1. Al-Jazeera English is a good source for political news. BBC, NPR, Radio-Free America are good too, if you lean left. CNN, FOX and MSNBC are not really journalism. They may be news outlets, and you do get “The News” from them, but they really don’t investigate. They filter the news but don’t really go for the facts or truth, they merely try to gain understanding of the effect of the story, yet somehow not giving context. It’s hard to describe (which is prolly why they’ve gotten away w/ it for so long). I’m not sure that I’m making much sense.

          1. Absolutely, in fact you make perfect sense. You said it better than I ever did. I used to be only mildly interested in politics, what really got me into it was the last election in America. I agree on Al-Jazeera and what you said about those other sources. Even though I’m liberal I do read conservative news but only European ones or really outcast undeground independent American ones. That doesn’t mean I have no interest for the right in America though, quite the contrary, the only republican authorities I like are American. Europeans just don’t get how it’s done properly but conservative European news are all right.

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