Lactating Mom Sells Breast Milk to Men

Cash-strapped Toni Ebdon, 26, gave birth earlier this year and found herself producing more than enough milk for baby boy David.
A friend joked that she was producing so much extra milk that Toni could open her very own dairy.
So she turned to the internet in a bid to offer expectant mothers who could not produce their own milk the chance to use hers.
But Toni was stunned when her only customers turned out to be men – who claim to use the milk for its healing properties.

Studies have shown breast milk can be used to maintain general good health and could even be a miracle cure for adult illnesses including cancer, diarrhoea and diabetes.

Toni, of Exeter, Devon, now has ten regular customers who pay £15 for 4oz of breast milk.
She said: “I was expecting women who couldn’t breast feed to get in touch but instead all the responses were from men.

“Breast milk has healing properties and I think people want to use it for those reasons.

“I tend not to ask too many questions or pry into people’s private lives.

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So Toni started using a breast pump to filter off the excess and stored it in the freezer before putting an ad on Gumtree for mothers to get in touch.

But she was inundated with emails from men who wanted to use it to maintain good health and fight off short-term illnesses.

Breast milk contains anti-biotic properties which helps ward off illnesses, as well as alpha-lactalbumin, which can help in the battle against cancer.

It also contains the acne-fighting property lauric acid and oligosaccharides to help fight chronic diarrhoea.

Whatever works I guess.

 Lactating Mom Sells Breast Milk to Men
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