Liberals are Delusional

A comment on a neo-con blog.

Geoffrey Britain Says:

From Robin’s commentary;

“Imagine a liberal and a conservative being dropped off in separate wilderness areas. How many days before the liberal would be no more? Meanwhile, weeks later, the conservative would still be going strong.

Many liberals know how inadequate they are, whether at hunting their own meat or throwing a baseball. It’s generally the conservative they’ll call on to build a fence or rewire their house or protect their families. Without conservatives, they are rendered absolutely helpless.”

Besides agreement, my reaction to this was to consider how a primary aspect of evolution might apply. How long before nature eliminates the weak and dysfunctional? Which we all know at some point it will do, nature not being sentimental nor merciful…

Whether through a new plague sweeping through the cities or liberalism’s denial of economic reality leading to the collapse of the financial system and the chaos that would follow or liberal denial of the threats we face leading to nuclear terrorist attacks…it may well be that liberals are living on borrowed time.

While they merely fed at the public trough, evolution could tolerate their dysfunction. Now that their ‘elites’ are attempting to impose their ‘delusional improvements’ upon the US, the last bulwark against the socialistic economies drag upon the global economic system, nature may finally address the ‘problem’.

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Even the neo-cons that “believe” in evolution are clueless to how the process works or even how evolution is defined.

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8 thoughts on “Liberals are Delusional

  1. Seriously? The realities of our world are quite different from this make believe world where conservatives survive because they’re Rambos and the liberals are all pussies. The greatest actual threat that we face is our unsustainable life on earth. How many of those oh so clever conservatives deny global warming? How many of them would be willing to give up red meat? All the traits of a conservative that were mentioned can be perfectly valid for many liberals. The state of mind has little to do with skill and being able to adapt. And that’s what it’s all about, how well one can adapt. Yet what is conservatism supposed to be about? That’s right, staying the same. Preserving imaginary lines on the ground at all costs, even if their actions affect people beyond that line. Their fear of socialism is one of the strongest arguments against their ability to “survive.” A typical conservative usually feels very strongly about his country, given the situation on our planet and the environment, it is one of the most primitive concepts a person could cling to. It’s basically like in a Romero film where the people could easily escape and survive if only they worked together, instead they fight each other and try to take advantage of every situation out of fear and greed which in the end results in them dying.

    If the stereotype of a weak and nerdy liberal is true to some extent, then so is the stereotype of the fat rich conservative who can’t reach his own shoes. Neither says much about what the human body is or isn’t capable of.

    About the nuclear terrorist attacks, how exactly is it the liberals who live on borrowed time? A “nuclear terrorist attack”, what a naive term by the way, won’t affect exclusively liberals. If they meant that after such an event liberals would lose all their power, yeah right, ’cause after 9/11 conservatives lost ALL of their power. Obviously they didn’t. What strikes me as particularly ironic is the fact that all these wars and terrorist attacks are being primarily promoted by conservatives. Whether it’s a Muslim conservative who wants to blow up people by way of “terror” (the reason why I said it’s a naive term is because these people fail to realise what terror actually means, a nuclear attack would be an act of war but of course they can’t call it that because if they argue against war they can’t be for the war against “terror”) or a Christian conservative who thinks his way of killing people is more legit and justified because he does it through his government and army, doesn’t make any difference. It may be childish to claim this but in an imaginary utopia like those conservatives seem to be salivating for, if it would consist only of liberals, chances are we would have little to no wars.

    “Collapse of financial system” – ah yes indeed, because we can’t live without a financial system but we can totally expect to live for a long time even though our way of living increases the temperature on earth by 1°C every year and rising. And once we can’t grow vegetables any more that will be fine too because our financial system is fit. We can feed on green paper, nothing else matters.

    What a pile of shit.

    This got me really angry for some reason, I feel better now.

      1. Nyokki, the author himself probably doesn’t believe that drivel. He just wants readers, advertising dollars, and votes for people who will take money from public welfare & spend it on bombs.

        How the neocons convinced the working class that their boss’s bosses deserve more rights than they do is beyond me.

    1. silly, vegetables are for liberal pussies. Besides, we all know the conservatives will survive in the future harsh climate conditions by hiking around shirtless and eating steel nails.

  2. I’m as liberal as Marx and I’ll go toe-to-toe with any conservative when it comes to survival skills. I was Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow. I’ve bowhunted elk and salmon fished in Alaska. End of civilization? No problem. I’ve got a year’s supply of canned food, non-hybridized seeds and I brew my own beer. I’ll be brewing pale ale and smoking my homegrown while those Ron Paul retards fight over scraps at Wal-mart.

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