5 thoughts on “Pace of Life

  1. Videogames are affecting mental development is a very interesting and overlooked topic. But I don’t see the connection with time, that whole part just kind of seemed out there from the rest of the talk.

  2. How do you even classify a videogamer? To an outside observer, a videogamer is a present focused hedonist. They’re doing what’s immediately gratifying with no regard to future consequences.
    But from the point of the view of the game, they’re constantly working towards new goals and achievements. That’s how most videogames hook you, by feeding you a false sense of accomplishment.
    How is that supposed to fit into his 6 categories of time? The whole concept is kind of week if its that easy to come up with contradictions.

  3. cant watch this at work, but speaking from experience, the “immediately gratifying with no regard to future consequences” hits the spot for me. used to be quite addicted to the MMO. however, i think it might be how i’ve always been, if i havent been addicted to games, ive been and are addicted to books, watching TV, etc etc. eats up all my time. looking forward to watchin dis when i get home to my not all that clean (beacause cleaning isnt immediately gratifying) apartment.

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