Reason 67,282 why Sarah Palin is a Sith Lord

They’re all guilty as sin of government by idiotic soundbyte, but one person’s idiocy really stands out. Not because Bible Spice led Drill Baby Drill chants, mocked anyone who pointed out the risk, and anointed herself an energy expert. That’s all part of running for elected office in this nation, sad to say.

What makes Palin a Sith Lord is that after the rig blew, instead of keeping her yapping blow-out-preventer shut, she and her cohorts decided to blame 11 dead workers and the worst environmental catastrophe in the nation not on the oil company that caused it, but on residents of other states who passed on drilling off their own shores because they were worried about the risk to their environment and livelihood. See, in what passes for Palin’s brain, this disaster is actually the fault of the very people who tried to warn us it could happen. Then for good measure she lied blatantly, saying she never supported offshore drilling, only drilling on land.

In doing so, Palin implies she would over turn that local choice by federal decree if she had the chance, when she takes a break from ranting about big government takeovers and the sanctity of state rights. When not blaming environmentalists and criticizing regulators installed by Oil Man Cheney for not regulating strictly enough, Palin makes a lucrative living preaching about Obama hurting big business with over regulation to cheering nitwits with tea-bags dangling from their heads and waving signs of Obama in full Hitler regalia.
But this was also a Eureka moment for me. I was struck by an epiphany: if only I were a wingnut blogger! Then, instead of thinking things though, and wasting time explaining subtle science and unpacking ideological garbage and corporate propaganda, I could just (Snark) tell readers that the oil was drifting peacefully along minding its own business when a rogue coast came out of nowhere like a drunken freight train, and Bam! The biased left may instinctively take the coast’s side, but oil doesn’t even have a nervous system so clearly it can’t be oil’s fault. And oil company has the word oil in it, so it can’t be the oil company’s fault either. Then wait for the offers from the American Enterprise Institute or CNN and FOX to roll in (/Snark).

-Steven Andrew

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At this point I just want Palin to disappear. Although a part of me really wants to see her run for office again, only to see her fall flat on her face whilst the whole world is watching.

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5 thoughts on “Reason 67,282 why Sarah Palin is a Sith Lord

  1. palin is an idiot puppet, for sure. but whoever made those videos is a sad person, too. those videos were the worst pieces of trash/spliced together soundbites/propaganda piles of poop ever.

    i am not defending palin one bit. however, those videos are sad

  2. I still can’t see how they didn’t predict “Drill Baby Drill, Mine Baby Mine” showing them in a negative light.

    I mean seriously, whose ideas were those.

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