Iris Implants

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Blue eyes, long considered a genetic gift to those lucky enough to inherit them, now may be within reach for those who want some baby blues—granted they can shell out the dough for custom artificial iris implants. The implants run more than $5,000 and have not been FDA-approved. To date, about 250 people have undergone this procedure worldwide, mostly as a corrective measure after trauma or an accident and to deal with congenital defects. Dr. Kevin Miller, an ophthalmologist at UCLA’s Jules Stein Eye Institute said, “People are always looking to change cosmetic appearance…I don’t think this is a procedure to change eye color. This a baby step in the direction of helping people with a significant medical problem. You never know what the cosmetic ramifications will be as time goes on.” With the amount of people eager to undergo surgery for every other part of their bodies, eyes may finally be the final frontier.

 Iris Implants

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