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FALLING WATERS – Residents of a Falling Waters community have expressed concerns after flyers distributed by members of the Aryan Nations appeared Tuesday morning around their neighborhood, the same location where a woman recently convicted of hate crimes in Berkeley County for harassing her black neighbors formerly lived.

The pamphlets, found attached to small orange bags filled with gravel, appeared to have been distributed Monday night in the Potomac Park Estates subdivision, residents say.

A copy of the flyer obtained by The Journal contains both the contact information and mailing addresses for the Aryan Nations Maryland Chapter in Sharpsburg, Md., and the Aryan Nations national headquarters located in Athol, Idaho.

539426 1 390x500 Aryan Nation   In My TownOne page of the flyer states,

“MISSING THE WHITE RACE! HAVE YOU SEEN THEM?” along with the picture of a young, white girl.

“Due to race mixing in America our beautiful race is now on the verge of complete extinction! You can help prevent this from happening. Contact us and find out how,”

One resident of the community, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals from the group, also alleged she received a veiled threat by a member of the hate group after she contacted them to complain about the distribution of the flyers.

“I called both numbers in the morning and I got a phone call back. I can prove the second gentleman that I talked to was saying it would be a pity for a nice white woman and a little white boy to get hurt because they live next door to (a black family),” she said. “That feels like a threat to me.”

The woman, who is white, said she received the call from a number that is listed on the flyer as the contact number for Paul Mullet, national director of the Aryan Nations National Headquarters.

Gotta love where I live now. At least people are fighting it now.

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