Dancing Israeli Soldiers

The six soldiers, dressed in full combat gear and carrying assault rifles, are show on patrol in the West Bank city of Hebron. As the soldiers come to a halt, the Muslim call to prayer is suddenly interrupted by the chorus of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’.

The soldiers immediately break into a coordinated dance routine, complete with twirls, star-jumps and more. Then, just as suddenly as they started, the soldiers immediately begin their patrol again, guns at the ready.

The YouTube video, originally titled ‘Batallion 50 Rock the Hebron Casbah’, went viral until it was taken down from the site on Monday, apparently by the soldier who uploaded the clip.

However, the Israeli army did not find the clip amusing, stating: ‘This was a joke by the soldiers and the matter is currently being investigated by the battalion commanders,” a terse statement said, with media reports saying those involved were likely to be punished for “inappropriate conduct during a military operation.’

The clip has since been re-posted on YouTube.


 Dancing Israeli Soldiers
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