Western Haircut? Iran Says NO!

Iran has issued a new list of culturally appropriate haircuts for men, with bans on mullets and other Western hairstyles deemed unacceptable.

article 1278504679071 0A5A7F1E000005DC 89297 636x469 500x368 Western Haircut? Iran Says NO!The catalogue of looks approved by supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, due to be launched at a Modesty and Veil Festival later this month, is apparently aimed at tackling the ‘Western cultural invasion’.

According to Jaleh Khodayar, the festival’s organiser, the styles are inspired by Iranians’ ‘complexion, culture, religion and Islamic law’ and will be modified for the country’s provinces based on regional culture.

Ponytails, floppy fringes and elaborate spikes join the mullet on the banned list, though side-partings and Elvis quiffs get the thumbs-up.

Modesty and Veil Festival?

 Western Haircut? Iran Says NO!
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