Terrorist Sorcerers Are Coming To Rape Our Cars!

Wake up America! Paiboon Sunthonchart Jr. has put this nation’s Governors and the United Nations on notice for the coming threat of car-raping sorcerer terrorists!One in ten women have had sex in cars 17580 150x101 Terrorist Sorcerers Are Coming To Rape Our Cars!
He should know a thing or two about it as his website exclaims that he has the “number one most looked at website out of over a million website, when looking up “Sorcery Rape” and google.com…” He must be onto something, for instance, did you know:

“American sorcery, stems from even before the Salem Witchtrials, and even before the Vikings became the Vikings, but has birthed into new technology from the days of shadow and reality along with mind and reality, now reality and sorcery attack together with sorcery attacking cars, and computers, sorcery today can connect to radio’s along with most all technology. Government in America will have a major influence in sorcery.”

And did you know they sorcerers will try to kill you if you have to take a shit?

“The sorcerer can enter your world, and cut your behind when you sit on the toilet to dispose of your food, to make it seem like a normal thing, but in reality it is a sorcerer attacking.”

It also turns out that Paiboon Sunthonchart is running for Senate in Florida and would very much like it if you’d write him in on your ballot. Also, if you’re an actor, musician, model or professional athlete in need of a good talent agency you can visit his political news and talent agency website.


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