Kill the Ground Zero Mosque?

Wouldn’t our Freedom of Religion statutes (1st and 14th Amendments, Separation of Church and State) ensure that NYC cannot refuse to give permission based on religion? Does anyone know what’s actually going on? It’s not just a Mosque, as I understand it; it’s a huge community center with an area for Muslims to worship. I’m seeing a lot of different ideas as to what’s going on and most of them contradict each other.
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World Net Daily
National Republican Trust PAC

 Kill the Ground Zero Mosque?
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4 thoughts on “Kill the Ground Zero Mosque?

  1. Yeah it is a community center and most of what is being said about it are made up stories to demonise “the enemy.”

    So here, one of my favourite Youtubers, a very fine man who lives there, explaining how he debunked some of the lies while filming how far away the building is and his view on it,

    TheTruePooka has a couple more videos on this, they’re all worth seeing.

    The place was legally bought by a professor, if anyone wants to stop him from having it built they’ll have to write a new law.

    1. Oh yes, I’m subbed to him too. I haven’t had much time to watch all my sub’d videos though.

      I’m not really sure why everyone is so up in arms about this. I understand it is not the most tactful thing that could have been done, but it really pisses me off that people would ask their gov’t to block it, simply because the religion is Islam.

      1. You know what, I’m pretty sure I discovered him and a couple other amazing people through the Vogter video which you posted on the forum. I can’t thank you enough for that, I’ve been on Youtube since 2006 and I thought the good content is finally coming to an end, but you proved me wrong.

        Yeah I do agree, if it were some kind of educational institution built by a Muslim professor it would be far far more effective and positive for them than a religious one. It’s just sad how people can be so inconsistent. Like TAA said, nobody is protesting to have churches built close to Virginia Tech just because Cho compared himself to Jesus.

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