Arizona’s Neo-Nazi Border Patrol

Minutemen groups, a surge in Border Patrol agents, and a tough new immigration law aren’t enough for a reputed neo-Nazi who’s now leading a militia in the Arizona desert.

picresized 1256543793 riverside 3 1 Arizonas Neo Nazi Border PatrolJason “J.T.” Ready is taking matters into his own hands, declaring war on “narco-terrorists” and keeping an eye out for illegal immigrants. So far, he says his patrols have only found a few border crossers who were given water and handed over to the Border Patrol. Once, they also found a decaying body in a wash, and alerted authorities.

But local law enforcement are nervous given that Ready’s group is heavily armed and identifies with the National Socialist Movement, an organization that believes only non-Jewish, white heterosexuals should be American citizens and that everyone who isn’t white should leave the country “peacefully or by force.”
“We’re not going to sit around and wait for the government anymore,” Ready said. “This is what our founding fathers did.”
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An escalation of civilian border watches have taken root in Arizona in recent years, including the Minutemen movement. Various groups patrol the desert on foot, horseback and in airplanes and report suspicious activity to the Border Patrol, and generally, they have not caused problems for law enforcement.

But Ready, a 37-year-old ex-Marine, is different. He and his friends are outfitted with military fatigues, body armor and gas masks, and carry assault rifles. Ready takes offense at the term “neo-Nazi,” but admits he identifies with the National Socialist Movement.
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“These are explicit Nazis,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project. “These are people who wear swastikas on their sleeves.”

Ready is a reflection of the anger over illegal immigration in Arizona. Gov. Jan Brewer signed a controversial new immigration law in April, which requires police, while enforcing other laws, to question a person’s immigration status if officers have a reasonable suspicion that the person is in the country illegally.

These people scare me…a lot.

 Arizonas Neo Nazi Border Patrol
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17 thoughts on “Arizona’s Neo-Nazi Border Patrol

  1. ROFL “This is what our founding fathers did.” hhahahhahahahaha These fuckers really are dumb fucks. I want to punch these fuckers in the face, break their legs and make the walk home.

          1. Steven Seagal is not a ninja and you always attack your victim at a time when you have the most highest chance of defeating them. Do you not know anything about stalking prey?

            Also Steven Seagals movies are all choreographed

          2. …I just….I can barely talk to you….

            These people travel in packs, with guns they’ve probably spent longer practising with than you’ve spent training to be a “ninja”.

          3. Do you not know anything about Ninjas? It’s so clear you know nothing about ninjas. Do some ninja research. They aren’t traveling in packs all the time. Unless they are into men. Which is probable.

            You can barely talk to me? Then why are you always yapping at me to begin with Mr. Smartypants?

          4. Barely =/= can’t.

            So what’s your plan, break into their houses at night and break their legs? Leap out as they’re bringing their kids to school?

            That’s pretty fuggen manly, brohan.

          5. Perhaps I am only being half serious or perhaps I am dead serious. Either way, why the fuck would I tell you the plan. If I had one.

          6. No he’s right, you could never catch them. They look all fat and greasy, I bet they’re all slippery and would escape your hands like a bar of soap. On the other hand you could just rub yourself with olive oil, maybe you’d be equally slippery and it would even out so you can catch them. Of course it could also just get worse but at least you’d get a nice tan because I read somewhere that rubbing yourself with olive oil makes it easier to get a nice tan. I love olive oil.

            And Luke stop picking on Puu. Also watch your sodium consumption and eat more whole grain products.

  2. They look like very happy people.

    And they haven’t done anything other than help.

    So let’s persecute them because they think different and what we have been told is wrong?


    I bet probably 85% plus of of the knee jerk reaction half wits wouldn’t have a problem if a) they were included in the America those guys want or b) those guys just rebranded with a different logo and name.

    I suggest Free America Party. Join FAP today.

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