Rod Stewart’s Career Went Down the Toilet

In a gutsy move, ‘Rod the Mod’ has launched a singing toilet brush modeled after his signature spiky hair.

rod stewart 120x150 Rod Stewarts Career Went Down the ToiletRod Stewart fans won’t want do without this magnificent bathroom wand that blasts the classic song ‘Tonight’s the Night.’ Nestle this amazing bathroom device beside your water tank where it will be ready for action at any time. Scrubbing the vomit from last night’s drinking binge off the edges of your toilet bowl has never been this enjoyable…toilet+brush 150x150 Rod Stewarts Career Went Down the Toilet


Stay away from my bathroom window
Tonight’s the night I’m gonna take a poo
Disconnect the telephone line
Spray air freshener that smells like pine

Kick off my shoes and sit my ass down
On the thrown and let my colon play the clown
Don’t worry if it starts to stink
Ooh baby don’t you hesitate cause

Tonights the night Hold my toilet brush tight
Go ahead and give it a swirl
Ain’t nobody gonna stop the flow

C’mon angel my hearts on fire
Oh no, I can’t stop vomiting
You’d be a fool to stop this tide
Of toilet cleaning fluid flowing down the side

Well…this is embarrassing.
Via Oddville Daily

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