Rape By Deceit?

I gotta admit, at first I was shocked that a man would go to jail for lying about his religion to sleep with a woman. After listening to this, however, I’m not so sure. At ~9 minutes in, he makes me feel a tad better about how a law against rape by deceit would work. Still, I’m not sure. What do you guys think?

 Rape By Deceit?
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4 thoughts on “Rape By Deceit?

  1. The problem is calling it rape. If some country want to make it a law it lie in order to get laid, fine. Just don’t put it in the same category as a violent act.

      1. I don’t agree to this at all. Two reasons:
        1. If you have sex with someone and you do not “struggle” at the time, boo-fucking-hoo, I feel cheated. I should sue film companies for making a movie look good in a trailer then being shit at full length (I’m looking at you “Clash…”)
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