5 thoughts on “DCU Online Trailer: Who do you trust?

  1. www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-who-dc-universe/702050

    Basically, for those who don’t want to watch a six minute video, in the future Luthor is the last man standing between the villain vs hero fight and when it’s all done Brainiac shows up and takes over the planet. Luthor survives and manages to go back in time to warn WW, supes, and Batman, while also giving powers to the people of Earth to fight Brainic when he does show up (because he’s been draining the real superheroes power all along).

    I dunno, I’m 50/50 on wanting to play this. Half of me wants to buy it on the release date and the other half wants to see the gameplay first, which will be out soon because they were giving out beta keys at comic con. It’d be really nice if the fucking Old Republic came out already.

    1. I second the old republic thing, and I also second wanting to see the gameplay. I played Star Trek Online for a couple months, but after I had 2 or 3 characters maxed out, it was pretty pointless. I’m hoping they launch with more content then STO did

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