13 thoughts on “Sore loser

      1. Yeah, I’m petty sure it’s not fake. I admit the embarrassing truth that I’ve thrown more than one temper tantrum as an adult and I’m sure I appeared exactly the same as this chick.

        1. the emotion may not be fake, but there’s no way to pull an xbox out like that and throw it…there’s like 5 cables behind it if you have component, and one huge one that supplies the power that requires a strong hand to disengage the clicking device…

          1. Yeah, the table thing would have been pulled forward before the power cable gave up.

      1. And yet, the game was playing clear as day on the monitor. Are you suggesting there was a “hidden” console running the game, that someone disconnected just as she pulled the box away?

        As for the performance: I’ve seen grown women throw real tantrums just as bad –even worse– but I’ve seen them fake such tantrums as well…some of them magnificently.

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