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I caught this on HBO last night and, once again, the film makers scared and worried me. It follows a group of Right to Lifers as they protest an abortion clinic. They’ve set up a clinic directly across from the abortion clinic. They approach women (usually young girls) and tell them that they’re the place that can give you advice and care on all aspects of your pregnancy, including abortion. They don’t tell the girls that they neither perform, advocate nor refer abortions. These girls think they’re going to an abortion clinic, only to be ambushed by pro-lifers. Most of the time I can ignore the more fundamentalist and evangelical ramblings of the Christian Right. Jesus Camp and this film really upsets me though. They’re deceitful, rude (no big deal to some, but it bothers me), bullies and downright despicable.

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  1. i think the whole anti abortion thing is kinda dumb. I mean of all the things to waste your time and energy on. Its not like these girls have much of a choice about doing it. I mean nobody really gets all jazzed up about having an abortion, they probably feel pretty shitty already. I don’t think a bunch of lying and decietful women with cameras should have any right to a say in this sort of matter.

      1. indeed. no choice. i had a friend in high school get knocked up by her ever loving boyfriend who suddenly had to move very far away. Her parents kicked her out and wouldn’t support her during any of this. Her grandmother ended up taking her to the doctor where they actually reccomended an abortion. Its not uncommon for teen pregnancies to be extremly high risk for both the the baby and the mother. When you’re a teenager your ladybits aren’t always fully settled or devoluped. Gramgram ended up paying for the operation, but afterwords my friend acted like she was dead inside. She’s never been the same since.
        My point being that every girl who goes in there is going to have a story and some damned good reasons for what they’re doing. Its not something they do on a whim. While adoptions or keeping the kid itself is the ideal and perfect world solution, that really can’t happen very often in this world. Though I’m not totally for this mind you.
        Save for rape cases, I believe if you are of an age where you can support yourself/be supported, have no birth complications and whatnot then you don’t really have an excuse not to have the kid.

        1. Cases such as rape and endangering the health of the mother, I feels are justifications for abortion, however, if you look at the statistics, those only count for about 7% of all abortions, the other 93% consist of social reasons and things I consider to be more frivolous.

          1. nod. i’ve only ever argued underage abortion, so the rest of this is new waters for me. While i won’t go so far as to call women who get abortions MURDERERS, i will call them lazy, irresponsible sluts.
            I ain’t your enemy so please don’t take this the wrong way but i have a question for ya. If abortion is MURDER then how come you believe that rape victims have the right to an abortion. Taking a page from your example below, would you allow someone to take and pay money to have their friend killed just because they were raped?
            Just curious is all, not trying to get into an aggresive arguement or anything. some peoples take the interwebs too seriously lol

          2. The thing is, you don’t get a say in what, why or how someone chooses to deal w/ their pregnancy. If there are reasons for abortions then they must be made available. People will choose to abort for reasons I find distasteful; but in the end, I don’t think a fetus is a person.
            Nate and I have had some debates on father’s rights when the woman chooses to abort, but the man wants the child to be born. I’ve said that it has to be strictly up to the woman. I feel for his position (that the man should legally have a say in what is to be done), but the man is not the one taking all the physical/biological/medical chances. Again, I think the fetus is not a person, therefore there is no father or mother yet, so no father’s rights.
            In my case in particular, I have the only say as to what I do if I get pregnant. I love my hubby and would hate to really upset him, but it’s completely up to me if I want to take the chance of carrying to full term. I did it once and would never attempt it again. If I were to find myself pregnant, abortion would be my only option.

  2. Try to elevate yourselves beyond the bigotry and stubbornness that has characterized fundamentalists with this little experiment: consider their point of view on the matter. They, and most Christians, believe that abortion is murder. If you knew that there was an institution designed for murder, what would you do to stop it?

    Consider this. Suppose there is a place where you could take your friend, pay money, and have him killed, all without any legal repercussions. Is it too much to suspect that there would be legions of people demanding the end of this establishment, violently if necessary? I say setting up a clinic on the other side of the street is a tame response.

    1. I’ve made that argument as well and I think you’re correct (in your assessment). If you believe abortion is murder, then there’s a genocide going on. So, where does that leave us? What are pro-choice people supposed to do? The doctor (in this film) is driven to and from work everyday w/ a blanket over him so the protesters won’t know who he is. Even so, one of them figures out where the pick-up point is and stalks it til he figures out who he is. The laws of our country says abortion is legal, so…what exactly?

  3. I am watching the docu now. A few minutes in and it’s already gnarly. I believe it’s the womans choice and the womans choice alone. Theirs a dark side to living in this plane of existence and unfortunately sometimes horrible things like this have to happen. We live in a country where ideologies are always battling. The anti abortion people have their right to picket and the abortion people have their right too. I find it ironic that the anti people have blown up the clinic.

        1. What I really loved was how the pro-lifers were upset because they thought the documentary makers lied about their motivations in making the movie…just as I’m sure some of the “girls” they suckered into their “clinic” must have felt. Karma’s a bitch. 🙂

          1. The fact that the Pro-Lifers lied to the girls was just disgusting. Pretending to be the abortion clinic to extend their pregnancy time so the option wasn’t there. Compared to the abortion clinic where the nurse lady was understand and was not pushing the girls either way. We live in a sick world.

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