6 thoughts on “The Daily Show: Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzly Coalition

    1. US Senate Election

      Hopefully Palin will be laughed at on the world stage once again. In fact I know the whole world will laugh at her again.

      Ironically, doesn’t she shoot bears from her helicopter? She can’t even hunt right.

    2. It’s the mid-term elections. These tend to be interesting, partly because it’s a non-presidential elections and (right now) we have a Democrat president and a Democrat majority in both the House and Senate. Historically, in this situation, the majority loses and the other party moves into the majority. I guess we really don’t like one-party rule. It’s not clear what’s going to happen this year. The Republicans are acting so insane that they may not pull it off. It’s certainly making things interesting.
      It also explains some of the ridiculous votes the Repubs have been making lately. They’ve been voting NO on things they’re i favor of. Why? They’re waiting til they have the majority so they can claim credit for it. They absolutely do not want the Dem controlled congress credit for tax cuts, job creation, etc…

  1. Where the fuck were the mama bears 30 years ago?! Only now they form to protect their cubs from health care. They do not care about crippling deficits, invading countries for no reasons, shipping jobs off to other countries to save corporate America a buck, torture, illegal wiretaps on it’s innocent citizens, background checks for every gun while cutting away the 5 day waiting period on handguns, et cetera ad naseum.

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