8 thoughts on “Avengers Movie Teaser

  1. Kinda bums me out that they dropped Norton. The last Hulk movie had it set up in the credits with Thunderbolt and Stark planning on forming a team.

    Maybe I was just hoping with all these movies they were going to try to do the civil war. Eh, as long as it’s better than Emo Peter Parker.

    1. considering they’ve already hired a director (joss whedon, squee!), and hired on most of the actors for it, and already have most of a script put together, AND it’s been in the works for the last 5 years, I think that there isn’t a sliver of a chance that this film won’t be made.

      Also, Iron Man 3 is a lock in, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to come out before The Avengers too, so the story should lead directly into The Avengers. Also, Captain America and Thor both should be out by that time, with story elements that lead into The Avengers. I don’t know what Marvel’s plans are post-Avengers, but it sure is a great time to be a comic book fan!

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