9 thoughts on “Reebok Easy Tone Commercial

  1. This country would be so much cooler if we weren’t such prudes and had commercials like this.

    And the only way these shoes do anything is because they’re friggin’ heavy. I got a pair and one shoe weighs more than my pair of running shoes. No, I didn’t pay for them. They were a birthday gift. I didn’t even know they made them for dudes until I got them.

  2. Has anyone tried those sneakers that look like they have a sole that makes the foot rock? It’s supposed to work out more muscles while doing the same amount of walking. I think I’m explaining it badly. I’ll see if I can find a pic.

  3. Yeah, we had this ad a good while back. Caused so many complaints, but reebok were just like “u mad”, and I’m glad, because this ad makes me happy.

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