we almost lost a legend

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PZ almost had a heart attack.  The world is better that he’s not dead yet, so those of you in the danger zone, please take special note of any particular physical alerts that you receive!  I know that I’ve gotten a few of my own, right before my own stupid 30th, so I’ve been endeavoring to lose a few pounds, I’m down from my max of 335 to 315 as of 3 hours ago.  I’m 6’6″ if that’s any indication, I’ll be down below 300 by the time I hit 30 though, I swear it!

read: My lost weekend : Pharyngula.

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10 thoughts on “we almost lost a legend

  1. Tiki, I hate to sound like a busybody or a spammer but if you want more help losing weight, go to myfitnesspal.com. Don’t log your weight or anything, but it’s really good for tracking your calories. That helps a lot when you plateau. If you have a calorie/weight loss goal, this really helps. Plus it has android/iphone apps for free.

    Like I said, I’m not trying to promote anything, but I wish I went to this site sooner.

    And I actually started off at the same weight around the same age. And it’s awesome to get that first 20 pounds off. It only gets easier when you keep knocking off the pounds. You’ll do awesome.

    1. see now, I don’t want to track my calories, I’d rather track my weight and get a good feel for how much I should be eating and how I should be feeling at the end of the day.

      my main issue with tracking calories is that it’s never right. you never know if you just ate a 500 calories slice of pizza or a 1000 calorie slice of pizza, all that needs to change is the sauce.

  2. As I’m discovering, losing weight is a bitch. I’d never dieted until ~3-4 years ago, after I’d gained ~60lbs in a little over 6 months (stretch marks, fuck yeah!). I figured control the calories, exercise the kcals off ad I’d be good to go. Yeah…uh…that didn’t go as planned. Steroids, diabetes and arthritis are all conspiring against me. I initially lost ~30lbs and as stuck there for months, now I’ve lost ~10lbs more and seem to be stuck again. My doc keeps telling me it’ll take time; it’s just not that easy easy to lose weight in your mid-late 40s. I honestly just don’t worry about it so much now. I’ll keep to my regimen and sooner or later I’ll get to where I need to be. So much so, that I finally bought clothes that fit my size now and not the one I was or hope to be.

    Anther decent site for tracking all your food, nutrients and exercise levels is:
    It’s a bit of a pain to set up initially, but once you do, it’s a piece of cake (no pun intended, mostly).

      1. Thank you kind sir. From the pics I’ve seen, a moderate amount of exercise and calorie control and you’d do really well, fast. You might try adding 1 meal and one snack a day, but cutting each meal amount in half.

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