33 thoughts on “The Trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead

  1. Let me get this straight. Someone finely came up with a zombie tv mini series!!!!!!! EPIC! Looks really really good.

    One thing I don’t get though, why does the main character always wake up alone in the hospital in zombie movies?

    1. I think it’s supposed to be an open homage to 28 Days Later? Are there any other zombie films where this happens? But the scenery is strikingly similar in the beginning, they must know that zombie fans who know 28DL could come across this and nobody is that stupid. I’m still watching La Horde and they too have a roof scene similar to Dawn of the Dead. Also yea I too was always wishing there would be a zombie tv series, this should be great. I absolutely love that he’s travelling on a horse, it’s just bound to result in some scenes that never happened in any other zombie film before.

        1. Though now that I think of it Day Of The Triffids did. It might just be a general disaster movie thing, it helps with exposition when the main character knows as little at the start as the reader, I suppose.

          Also, what accent is Rick meant to have at the start?

          1. But weren’t those monsters in Triffids? Yeah obviously this is also a method to introduce the story in a certain a way but still. He even went to his house to see if his family is still alive and ends up in a room with other survivors sitting by candle light. I imagine that the director of Shawshank wouldn’t blatantly copy so much without something more meaningful in mind.

          1. Oh yeah you’re right, Resident Evil had it too. I still think it was done on purpose because of 28DL though. The Walking Dead the comic was published before Resident Evil: Apocalypse but after 28 Days Later. Once I have the series on my computer I’ll take screenshots and put them next to scenes from 28DL, you’ll see what I mean.

          2. I’d love that. In PDF though? That’s the only way I’ve read comics on the computer but if it’s some other format that works better I’ll try it anyway.

          3. WOO. It could be that I’m asleep by the time it’s done, I’ll download it first thing in the morning if that’s the case. Meanwhile I’ll look into this CBR business but if you say Comical then I’ll just get that I guess.

          4. Oops, yeah I was wrong about the time, the strange American time stamps on here are messing with my head. It works fine so far, thank you for your trouble Luke. Luke I said thank you. You know Luke means porthole in German? You’re my porthole to zombie goodness and glory.

            And Lamb, I thought you were stoned or something. I thought Winrar is just for putting several files together and making them compact for downloading or whatever. So, I have no idea what you’re talking about. If you take a screenshot, that may convince me.

          5. Not necessarily irfanview and not necessarily comical, whatever image viewer you use and are used to is better than any comic book reader.
            You know, because it’s familiar and shit moves faster.

          6. Oh ok, why did you insist on Winrar plus Irfanview then? You should have said, “Your personal preference, damn it!”

            You know, you’re a douchebag. Thanks for your help.

          7. With Comical all you need to do is double click the file and it will present it to you however you want.

            Irfanview is unnecessarily complicated.

          8. Then why did you mention winrar?

            Also, I am going to Italy for two weeks in… 5 hours, so I don’t have time to upload the rest.

            I forgot, you see, and now I have no time.

            You could try a torrent.

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