4 thoughts on “Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Trailer

    1. Sorry, meh is all I have. It’s a soap opera; which is fine if you like that. I don’t. I usually end up watching it since I’m usually in the living room on my laptop while he watches it. It’s clearly well done, good acting and writing and, of course, bikes. I even like most of the characters. It’s just not my thing. I will say this, it’s better than Breaking Bad (after the 1st season).
      What I do like is how many really well written and interesting tv shows that are showing up on basic cable channels. USA, AMC, Syfy, etc…are putting out some excellent shows. I’m digging Haven, Eureka, Stargate Universe, Warehouse 13…I’m sure I’m missing some. I haven’t made up my mind on Rubicon yet.
      Oh yeah, Burn Notice, The Closer, Saving Grace and I have Terriers set-up to record.

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