Malcom X is Obama’s Dad

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Someone sent me a link to this article on the website of something called the Western Center for Journalism. I was hardly surprised, after I read the article, to find out that this organization was founded by Joseph Farah. They’re going beyond even birtherism and demanding Obama’s DNA:

This includes the determination of his actual identity, which requires genetic analysis. I started my investigation and analysis by deeming nearly every assertion as open to question, including the claimed identity of Mr. Obama’s parents. A certificate that a child was born to Stanley Ann Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama in Honolulu on 4 August 1961 might be true; but, assuming it’s true, it does not necessarily follow that Mr. Obama is that child. Whether he is or not requires genetic analysis.

Ooh, so who might he be? One of the commenters provides the possibilities:

Another possibility is that Frank Marshall Davis is the father, but, being a communist, that would have hindered Barry’s chances in life. Likewise if his father was, in fact, Malcolm X (and his mother in actuality his maternal grandmother). Other posters on this subject have noted Barry’s likeness to the latter rather than to father-of-convenience Obama Sr. (who, recall, never lived with Stanley Ann; plus there is no real record of their marriage).

Malcolm X is Obama’s father! Hilarious. There simply is no limit to how ridiculous these people can be.

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