Top Gear US Fails To Impress

I’m a huge fan of the original Top Gear on the BBC, and was happy to hear they were doing a US version, “Finally!” I thought to myself, “They’ll give American cars a fair shake, and we’ll get to see some real American muscle on TV!”  I’m saddened to see that the premier episode of Top Gear US is going to feature foreign cars, but driven in a desolate American desert.  The choice of vehicles isn’t the only problem that I see though, as it’s apparent there’s no chemistry among the three hosts, the music seems generic and the sloppy editing was becoming painfully jarring.   I’ve give them a few episodes to get on their feet, but I’m not holding out any hopes any more that this series will come even remotely close to the quality of the original Top Gear.

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2 thoughts on “Top Gear US Fails To Impress

  1. The reason the guys in the British Top Gear gel is because Clarkson pulls the strings and told the BBC precisely which guys he wanted on the team. These guys get on because it’s basically their baby. US Top Gear is a developers dream with the hope for good ratings rather than a couple of moderators getting together and wanting to make genius TV.

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