Cease and desist

objection2 Cease and desist

It has come to my attention that your website “Hit Club Music Summer 2010” on this URL has potential to threaten my Alexa page ranking. As a consequence, this may cause our website to lose vital income which is generated from ad-space and it will not be tolerated. Due to the nature of your actions I am requesting a formal take-down of your website due to copyright infringement as the music posted on your “http://www.youtube.com” links is not endorsed by the rightful authors, as counseled by my attorney. Considering that you are also going through the New York University server, your actions may cost you and your educational institution unless you cease the aforementioned copyright infringement. If you continue hosting your service I will be forced to file a civil suit in which you will be charged for any lost advertisement revenue, averaging $0.52 per day.

There’s a few more gems over there, but damn, the guy that wrote the letter is an idiot.

via Cease and desist… – A Computer Scientist in a Business School.

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