Chopper City’s street-legal BatPod replica

batpod ps pod replica road motorcycle 19 500x333 Chopper City’s street legal BatPod replica

This fully custom 850cc Batpod replica takes all those traits to the max – it looks downright scary to ride, there’s almost no way to turn a corner with any sort of dignity, and may God help you if you want to pull a U-Turn. But for owner Pankaj Shah it’s a tribute to his love of the Dark Knight movie where the BatPod first appeared – and beyond the neck-snapping appearance of the thing, it’s also quite an amazing bit of rolling metalwork. Click through for several videos and photos of the PS-Pod under construction.

This isn’t the bike that we need, but it’s the bike that we deserve.  They have a ton of photos of the bike’s construction and a couple youtube videos (in glorious 720p!) of the bike in action.  I like it, but good grief, 850cc?  Think they may be compensating for anything?

via gizmag.

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