Cee Lo Green, ‘The Lady Killer’

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On a Thursday in mid-August, Cee Lo Green leaked the first single from his forthcoming album, The Lady Killer. It casts his meaty tenor in the role of a vindictive, jilted lover who bluntly dresses down his ex’s new man, set to the sheen of a classic R&B track; all of this was tailored specifically for the medium of YouTube, accompanied by an animated scroll of its lyrics. By the weekend, the song — and news of the song, and general approbation for the song — had spread like wildfire.

Not incidentally, the track is titled “F—- You.”

Aw man, I was part of that bandwagon, posted it to internet-d the moment I first heard it.  They have the whole album to stream on the NPR site, I highly suggest you check it ou.

via First Listen: Cee Lo Green, ‘The Lady Killer’ : NPR.

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