F-22 Raptor Missing in Alaska

F 22 F 22 Raptor Missing in Alaska

NBC News reported earlier today that:

The advanced stealth fighter jet was about 90 miles northeast of Elmendorf Air Force Base when it “dropped off the radar.”

There was no mayday or any other communication from the pilot that would have indicated the plane was in trouble, the officials told NBC News. There have been no distress calls from the pilot since the plane went missing

U.S. military helicopters and at least one C-130 have so far failed to turn up any sign of the missing fighter jet.


A “stealth fighter jet” dropped off the radar?  No shit dude.  Maybe you should have been concerned that you could see it on radar.  All kidding aside, I hope the pilot made it ok, and he just made a pit stop for some slim jims.

via Defense Tech.


aw fuck, they found wreckage, but luckily no pilot yet.  He may yet be found in an Alaskan bar having a strong drink after his ejection from his jet.

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