5 thoughts on “The Spider-Man Musical Turn Off the Dark

  1. this is actually pretty wicked awesome if you watch (better) clips than this. Its set up to be a fucking epic play. It has extremly difficult effects to pull off (especially around the green goblin)and has all new sorts of flying equipment that could revolutionize some aspects of modern live theater. They invented a whole new style of acrobatic dance based on spider mans fighting style and bono is doing all the music.

    I really really wanna go see this, its supposed to be quite special.

      1. it is an very silly concept, and it will either rock epically, or suck miserably, but from the stuff I’ve been following it looks pretty cool so far.

        also, phantom of the opera was cool. Now fangirls in my town have brought it down to the level of Twilight with their fangirl annoyingness

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