Great American streetcar scandal

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The Great American streetcar scandal (also known as the General Motors streetcar conspiracy and the National City Lines conspiracy) refers to allegations of a premeditated program by General Motors (GM) and several other companies to purchase and dismantle streetcars and electric trains in cities across the United States and replace them with bus services. This program was directly responsible for the virtual elimination of effective public transport in nearly all American cities by the 1970s. Only the New York City area survived, together with (to a lesser degree) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San Fransisco, California, Boston, Massachusetts and Chicago, Illinois, all of which still have either extensive surface-trolley systems, extensive underground metro-like systems, extensive elevated train systems, or all three.

I had no idea that GM was so…evil.  I often wondered why the US didn’t have a strong rail system like the EU does, and this is one of the prime reasons.

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