Safeway Pharmacist Accidentally Gives Abortion-Inducing Drug To Pregnant Woman

pillbottles Safeway Pharmacist Accidentally Gives Abortion Inducing Drug To Pregnant Woman

When the pharmacist became aware of what happened, he worked with the patient and with her physicians to minimize any possible health consequences to the patient and her unborn child. We have extended our sincere apologies to the customer, and offered to pay any medical expenses incurred as a result of a prescription error. We are also very concerned about how this happened and we are conducting a full and complete investigation. Safeway has pharmacy systems and processes in place to prevent this kind of occurrence.

Whaaaat.  How does this even happen, what the fuck.

via The Consumerist.

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  1. I’ve had med mix-ups in every pharmacy I’ve ever used,and that’s a lot of pharmacies. Gotta check your meds, every time. I’ve gotten the wrong meds in my bottle (including methotrexate), wrong name, lost scrips, wrong dosages, etc…I got pregnant while on the pill while taking antibiotics. The doc told me it may reduce the efficacy of the med, but didn’t tell me which med would be affected. I assumed wrongly.

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