No you can’t have my zip!

credit cards No you cant have my zip!

A California appeals court ruled that it is an invasion of privacy for a retailer to ask you for your zip code when completing a transaction.  I find this annoying but never really intrusive.  I like it a lot more than them asking for my digits.  The ruling also gave this clarification:

For instance, one can request a customer’s driver’s license to verify his or her identity. What makes it wrong is when a business records that information, according to the ruling, especially when the practice is “unnecessary to the sales transaction.”



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2 thoughts on “No you can’t have my zip!

  1. Sears and Radio Shack are the worst. Hubby won’t give it to them and he’s been told that he has to give it to them. If you knew hubby you’d know the shitstorm of sarcastic ridicule that poor clerk is about to get.

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