1. While I agree with the post script in that an abortion is a traumatic experience, I absolutely disagree that it is murder. It is not murder. It is not the same as shooting your already born child. An already born child has human rights, a fetus does not.

    Murder is the premeditated killing of a being that has human rights.

    Destroying a fetus is not murder. Destroying an animal is not murder. Destroying a plant is not murder. Destroying a building is not murder.

    Also, while there may be infinite love and unconditional forgiveness from “Joshua the Anointed One” (lit. “Jesus Christ”) I have to say his followers are infinitely more petty and cruel in their closed-mindedness towards activities they feel are objectionable. For an example, this video.

    1. But that begs the question of why a fetus does not have human rights. It is just because the law says they do not? Or are they of a completely different nature than an infant such that they do not warrant human rights.

      The problem is that most people don’t have a coherent ontological definition of “human being.” Why is a fetus not one, but an infant is? Why is a full grown human a “human being”? Are mentally retarded people “human beings”? How about comatose patients or people in vegetative states?

      My personal philosophy on this matter regards our ability to grown and develop mentally, our ability to specialize ourselves that makes humans unique and valuable. It’s not perfect, for example how is the specialization of ants different from that of humans? And other issues, such as my deduction path.

      I find your lack of philosophical consideration disturbing.

      1. I generally go w/ personhood starts at birth. Until then it’s still part of the mother. I can’t really imagine going for late 3rd trimester abortion if mom and fetus (Is it still called a fetus at that point?) are healthy; at that point she could go w/ adoption, but I wouldn’t call it murder. I figure I’m prolly in an extremely small minority on this one.

          1. Ah, intellectual laziness. That’s how we gained an understanding of the universe at a subatomic and cosmic level as well as a metaphysical understanding of epistemology, ethics, and justice! By not critically evaluating our thoughts!

          2. Any line you pick will upset someone. It really is arbitrary and where that line is depends on many factors. If I were to die, the fetus would die as well, regardless of what trimester I’m in (w/out medical intervention). Some people think it starts at conception, others think that the sperm and eggs are persons. Many put the line at the end of the first trimester (for a healthy woman and fetus). Where do you put the line? When is abortion and when is it murder and how do you determine it?

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