5 thoughts on “she don’t like firefly

    1. In reality ninjas were shit, basically cutthroats who were entirely dependent on taking their opponent by surprise and on exploiting every tiny dishonourable trick they could think of all in order to kill overweight merchants or their children.

      1. You clearly don’t know what you are talking about and have a very weak argument. Ninjas took pride in being dishonorable… LOL They were anti code of the Samurai bro. They were farmers fighting back against the brutal ruling class and samurai class. Put down the manga, anime and tenchu!

        1. I thought we were sharing viewpoints that on the surface seemed plausible but were fundamentally incorrect. MY BAD.

          In hindsight, the layered subtlety of my argument could have been utilised elsewhere.

          And I don’t watch animu, the hair frightens me too much.

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