7 thoughts on “Real Steel Theatrical Trailer

  1. I dun no man. It looks like a kids movie. They seem to have the robotic animation right and I really like the look of it. Hugh Jackman looks surprisingly good without his rugged Wolverine appearance. But from the trailer I think they may have packed too much plot into this to be really good.

  2. Looks pretty entertaining, and High Jackman’s not a terrible actor.

    And in contest with every fucking Zatoichi clone you post, I’d choose this every time.

  3. “We are talking now. It is raining.”

    “Yes, we are talking. AND NOW WE ARE FIGHTING AND SHOUTING!”

    *Unlikely physics occur – fight ends*

    “I am revealing that I have a condition that should impede my fighting prowess but somehow does not because I AM A SAMURAI! MORE SHOUTING AND FIGHTING NOW!”

    Sound familiar?

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