First Image From ‘Hunger Games’

ew cover 1156 300 First Image From ‘Hunger Games’

Out of hundreds of potential candidates you get picked to defend your homes honor on live television, fighting each of your fellow contestants in a competition of smarts and strength. Not for fame or glory, but just to stay alive in the ‘Hunger Games’.

The books were a bitter disappointment, but I’ll be interested to see how the movies turn out.


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5 thoughts on “First Image From ‘Hunger Games’

    1. I’m of the opposite opinion, the first one was the first of the three, it was obvious that the author either took some night classes to learn to write or paid a ghost writer to come in and lend a hand

  1. the books were ok, just really short (I sorta just read the three today). But what’s with that picture? WTF she’s supposed to be 16 and that looks like she’s 20.

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