7 thoughts on “Nerd Hitler: DC Fan

  1. Actually, starting over the continuity would probably be a good idea. The DC universe, in fact, the Marvel universe as well, is so complicated that new readers are rather turned off to it.

    1. Agreed. Though I think peoples gripes are with the fact they are ending storyline that are really popular currently like Batman Inc. Maybe they could just start new books but keep the older popular titles they currently have. Sorta a spring cleaning of titles!

      1. that’s the first i’ve heard that they’re shitcanning Batman, Inc. Last I read about that, they had multi-year stories already lined up.

        so they’re just going to throw that all into the garbage?


          1. yeah, i’m seeing a lot of that on the internets now, apparently the Batman, Inc series is going on a several month long “hiatus”.

            it was the only thing that I’ve been truly interested in, comic-wise, in a while. oh well.

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